"It's Too Late to Apologize" ... performed by Jack Vu Phung

This might be the funniest thing I've ever seen. Here's my nephew performing "It's Too Late to Apologize" ... he just turned 4! :)


We woke up this morning, Dec 14, to SNOW! It is so beautiful.

Tiger Mountain

A beautiful hike at Tiger Mountain ... and a long one too ... about 10 miles

Can you see the tree tops poking through the fog? Gorgeous!

Salmon Run, Flaming Geyeser

Today we saw one of the most AMAZING things ever. We saw dozens of salmon swimming upstream to lay their eggs. The sad part was they actually die along the way. Some of these salmon must have been 2 feet +. It was incredible to watch!

Our friends, Jason & Katie & baby Kayle, were up for visit #2!

Hiking at Mt. Rainier the Day Before Thanksgiving

We had a little too much fun this day!

A fox sitting and begging for food at our car. Don't worry, we didn't feed him! :)

Hiking at Rattlesnake Ridge

(It was cold and we had just hiked to the top of a mountain. Not my best photo ... I know!)

Cougar Mountain

Hiking with our new friends, Brian & Melanie, at Cougar Mountain.

The San Juan Islands

A cool photo Marc took

Yes, those are Killer Whales!

Over Labor Day my parents drove over from Montana and we visited the San Juan Islands for the weekend. We stayed on Orcas Island and yes, we did see killer whales from the shore! We did a long bike ride. It was very muddy and steep and we ended up carrying our bikes most of the way!

Seattle Photos

Mt. Rainer on a hike we did in August. Can you tell why this place is called "Paradise"?! The wild flowers were in full bloom and gorgeous!

The Famous Space Needle

S, D & E's Visit

Snoqualmie Falls

S, D & E went on an Alaska cruise this summer. It was wonderful because we were able to see them before they left and also for a few days after their cruise since it left out of Seattle. We went to the Point Defiance Zoo, the park, and Snoqualmie Falls. I loved being able to spend time with E and see her developing personality. It was so cute to hear her sing her ABC's all weekend. E ... Tio and Tia LOVE you! :)

Our Trip South

The beautiful bride, Lyndsey

In August we drove to Southern Oregon to attend my friend, Lyndsey's wedding. Unfortunately the wedding was on a Sunday night, so we were only able to go to the rehearsal on Saturday. On our way home on Sunday, we saw other friends who live in Montana but happened to be in Oregon the same weekend. We met up with Sarah and Casey and Ethan and drove slightly out of our way to see Crater Lake on the way home!

E's 2nd Birthday Party!

The Birthday Girl!

A cute family photo of my Sister Liana.

July gave us another excuse to visit California when our niece turned 2! It was a great to spend time with all of our friends and family.

Seattle to Portland Bike Ride

This summer Marc and I rode our bikes 204 miles over two days from Seattle to Portland. There were 9,000 people on this "STP" ride and we rode with about 15 other people for Team World Vision. Thank you to everyone who supported us in raising money for Bikes for Africa ... we had the ride of our lives!

The Olympic National Park

Over the 4th of July Marc and I went to the Olympic National Park. We had a great time exploring its two rain forests, hiking in the rain to waterfalls, seeing the fog covered peaks and Washington coast.

Jeremy & Kelli's Wedding

The Happy Couple

Cousin Keone and Chelsea and Andrea

Aunt Janice & Uncle Brian

In June, Kelli and Jeremy became the real-life Mr. and Mrs. Smith! They were married in my parent's backyard in Montana. It was a beautiful wedding that ended with HUGE storm! The storm about destroyed the tent and tables and all of the guests were frantically clearing tables and holding down the tent (metal poles!) during the thunder and lightning storm. It was a wedding we'll never forget!