November 2012

* Started walking!
* Got the flu for the 1st time on Thanksgiving :(
* Knows "What does a cow say?"& "What does a sheep say?"
* Had my family up for Thanksgiving!

October 2012

* Walks with her walker
* Finally got first tooth! (2 bottom teeth)
* Loves to dance
* Tinkerbell for Halloween :)

September 2012

* Climbed up all the stairs!
* Walking along the furniture & if you hold my hand
* Blowing kisses
* Can say: Papi, Mama, Hi, Bye and Uh-Oh

August 2012

* Can pull myself all the way up
* "How big is Cassie?"  "SOOO big!"
* Discovered the fun game of spitting all of my food out
* Swim Lessons

The De La Torre Team - Life Group Olympics ...
We took home the GOLD!

Exhausted after a fun day at Swim Lessons

Taking a nap ... camping on the Olympic Pennisula


Playing in my kiddie pool in the front yard

Having fun out on Lake Tapps ...
although I couldn't stay awake for long
on the boat :)

July 2012

* Crawling forward - 9 1/2 months
* Clapping
* Pull myself up to my knees
* Can go from crawl position to sitting

Great photo - thanks Sarah!!

Scrunchy Face :)

Taking a nap in my tent.  Camping in Glacier National Park, MT

Swimming in the pond in MT

I love going for hikes!

"How big is Cassie?" "SOOO Big!"

Look at those cheeks ... !

Family photo with our exchange student, Rui Rui.  We love you!

June 2012

* Goes backwards & in circles on tummy!
* Holds herself up on all fours
* Gives "5"

Look how little I am sitting up all by myself!

Sitting & playing with my play table

Me & Tia Erin

"Kissing Cousins"

Me & Aunt Liana

First time in a big pool
All the cousins

Father's Day Hike to Silver Falls

May 2012

 * First hair trim
* Fake coughs :)
* Just discovered Duke, the dog!
* Can find her tete (pacifier) & put it in

Mother's Day Family Photo

 Over Memorial Day weekend, we drove to Coeur d'Alene, ID for a bike ride.  We went with our friends, Josh, Betsy and Baby Hannah and Matt, Melody and Baby Miles.  We met my parents there.  We rode about 30 miles each day for three days.  All three babies did great and we had an awesome trip!

The gang eating dinner the first night at my parents RV
Cassie getting changed and looking cute  :)

Amazing breakfast at the Wild Boar Inn

Cassie & Pepa
Cassie & Miles playing at the end of the ride

Photo of the trail

April 2012

Happy 1st Easter Cassie!

Yummy ... Peas!

Shopping with mommy at Fred Meyer

My first bike ride  :)

I love to play in the laundry basket with ALL my toys!