May 2013

 * Starting to use complete sentences.  First sentence ... "I like meatballs!"
* "Cassie, who do you love?"  "Ummm ... Dena!"
* Can count to 10 all by herself
* 1st real hike on Greenwater Lakes Trail ... hiked about 1.5 miles with her hiking buddy Hannah.
* Says "All by self" and "I do it" ... Miss Independent!
* "Cassie, where do we live?"  "Bonney Lake!"
Fun in the wheelbarrow!

Playing in the backyard

Helping mommy with the dishes

Going for a walk with Pepa in Montana

Too cute!

Riding an ATV ... so fun!

Riding Joy ... I love horses!

Going for a hike

Family bike ride

April 2013

* Took her pacifier away  :(
* Sneezes and then says "Bless you!"
* Loves Elmo
* Finally outgrew her baby bathtub!

Trip to CA

Playing with my cousins at the water table

Nap time!

March 2013

 * Loves to go for walks outside.  First nice day of the year we went for a walk and Cassie looks up & with all her enthusiasm smiles, points and yells ... "SUN!" :)
* Can recognize most of her letters and repeat the ABCs.  Can say a few in a row on her own.
* Switched to one nap a day.

Reading with Papi at breakfast