February 2013

* Talks on the "phone" (or anything that she can pretend is a phone!).  "Hello ... Ummm ... Okay, Bye!"
* Loves her baby dolls
* If Duke barks, she shakes her finger outside and says "No, no, no Dukey!"
* Says "I Lu Lou!" (I Love You)
* Loves to baila (dance) naked in front of the mirror after bath time.  :)

Cassie, Ky Ky & Harper

Laundry Day ... washing my blankie :)

Yay!  It's all clean and so warm!

Watching Papi work in the yard

January 2013

* Tries to repeat almost everything ... some new words ... Ba (Abuela / Grandma), Abo (Abuelo / Grandpa), Elmo, outside, meow, bubble, "I know!"
* Has all 4 one year molars, 4 top teeth and 2 bottom teeth
* Loves to close doors.  Will drop everything and run to close a door.  :)
* Throws trash in the trash can.

Baby Cousin Oliver

Cassie and Eva ... too cute!

Bath Time!  :)

Cassie & Momma

Cassie & Friend Ky Ky (Kylie)

Cassie and Harper

Sometimes I get stuck under the exersaucer :)

Learning to anticipate the flash ... makes for some funny pictures :)

December 2012

* Seeing Mommy & Papi hug, she smiled and said "Nice!!"
* Loves to tickle ... even herself  :)

Christmas Angel
Playing with homemade play dough

Favorite place to play - in Duke's bed :)

Reading a bedtime story with Tio Sean and Sam

Fun in the Sun!!

Sunday school with my BFF Hannah

My 1st In N Out hamburger ... yummy!!