Christmas 2009 in CA

Here are some photos of our recent trip to CA to visit family and friends for the holiday.

Our New House

Finally ... here are some photos of the inside of our new house. As you can see, we have plenty of room and always welcome visitors! :)



Master Bedroom

Master Bath


Upstairs hallway. You can see the office on the left and the bonus room on the right. Our hallway makes a horse shoe with the master bedroom next to the office on the left, and the other two bedrooms next to the bonus room on the right.

Bonus Room

Upstairs Bath

Stairs with kitchen in the background

Powder Room


Family Room

Baby Elliot Weston Briggs

Our friends Melanie and Brian and brand new baby Elliot ... 6 days old!

4th of July ... Montana!

We spent 4th of July in Montana with my parents and some of our friends. We had a blast! Here are a couple of photos with hopefully more to come later.

Memorial Day Backpacking Trip

Over Memorial Day weekend Marc and I and our friends Josh and Betsy went to the coast for a few days of backpacking. We hiked about 23 miles on the beach ... it was beautiful! I have to admit, it was a little much trying to hike 9-10 miles a day on the sand, rocks, over beach logs and boulder hopping with our packs on. We didn't get to camp until about 9pm each night! But it was worth it. :)


Well, we finally found a house and made an offer on May 13. We close escrow June 30 and will spend the month of July moving in. We are very excited! Sorry the photo is a little blurry. I'll post a new one when I take one.

Tulip Festival

Last weekend we went to the Tulip Festival just north of Seattle with our friends Katie and Jason. It was beautiful!

Little Mt Si

My parents came for a visit in April for Easter. One of our outings was to hike Little Mt Si in North Bend.

Matt & Danielle's Wedding

In March we flew to CA for a friend's wedding ... and to visit family! Here are some photos.

View from the reception site ...