Tiger Mountain

A beautiful hike at Tiger Mountain ... and a long one too ... about 10 miles

Can you see the tree tops poking through the fog? Gorgeous!

Salmon Run, Flaming Geyeser

Today we saw one of the most AMAZING things ever. We saw dozens of salmon swimming upstream to lay their eggs. The sad part was they actually die along the way. Some of these salmon must have been 2 feet +. It was incredible to watch!

Our friends, Jason & Katie & baby Kayle, were up for visit #2!

Hiking at Mt. Rainier the Day Before Thanksgiving

We had a little too much fun this day!

A fox sitting and begging for food at our car. Don't worry, we didn't feed him! :)

Hiking at Rattlesnake Ridge

(It was cold and we had just hiked to the top of a mountain. Not my best photo ... I know!)