October 2013

* Cassie in 5% for weight & height.  Olivia is 50% / 75%!
* Cassie's 1st memory verse Deut. 31:6 "Be strong and courageous.  Don't be afraid.  God will be with you."
* Lots of visitors!
Playing in the snow.  Had a picnic dinner in the snow!
Happy b-day Marc!
Abo & Olivia
Cassie & Mema in the corn maze!
Cassie & Lucy at "Zoo Boo"
Mema & the granddaughters

September 2013

* When Cassie first met Olivia she called her Caleb (our boy name).  She finally got it and would tell us "It's Olivia.  Not Caleb.  There's no Caleb right now." 
* Whenever Olivia cries Cassie says "Olivia wants to eat mommy's boobie!"
* Started potty training Cassie.  Within the first 5 minutes of taking off her diaper she pooped on the carpet and let out a very loud "OH MY GOODNESS!

Cassie the character!
Precious baby girl
Papi with his girl
Celebrating the cousins birthdays!
Cassie's 2nd birthday
I'm 2!
Potty training here we go!!!
Where's my pants?
Still summertime :)
In the fort with my cousins!
First hike as a family of "4"

Welcome Olivia Hope De La Torre!

* Olivia Hope born Wednesday, August 21, 2013 @ 1:56am
* 7 lbs 10 oz 18.5 inches

On our way to the hospital ... the 1st time!  :)
Welcome baby Olivia!
First morning home
Big Sister Cassie and Baby Sister Olivia
First trip to the park
First bath
Newborn photo shoot (great photo Papi!)
Sleeping in Great Grandfather's suitcase!

August 2013

* Cassie knows red, blue and green
* Cassie started picking her nose
* Likes to say "Cassie's so cute!" & "What happened?!"
* Getting ready for baby's arrival

Crazy Cassie!
Ready for the Life Group Summer Olympics!
Splash Park!
Still love to read!
And sleep :)

July 2013

* Cassie likes to snuggle more
* Can sing all of the words to "Jesus Loves Me"
* Summer fun ... water table, pool, park & playing outside!

Yard Project Summer 2013

This summer we made a play area for the girls in our side yard. 
Here is the "before" ...
Working hard!

Marc putting in fence post
Looks better after the grass grew in :)