June 2012

* Goes backwards & in circles on tummy!
* Holds herself up on all fours
* Gives "5"

Look how little I am sitting up all by myself!

Sitting & playing with my play table

Me & Tia Erin

"Kissing Cousins"

Me & Aunt Liana

First time in a big pool
All the cousins

Father's Day Hike to Silver Falls

May 2012

 * First hair trim
* Fake coughs :)
* Just discovered Duke, the dog!
* Can find her tete (pacifier) & put it in

Mother's Day Family Photo

 Over Memorial Day weekend, we drove to Coeur d'Alene, ID for a bike ride.  We went with our friends, Josh, Betsy and Baby Hannah and Matt, Melody and Baby Miles.  We met my parents there.  We rode about 30 miles each day for three days.  All three babies did great and we had an awesome trip!

The gang eating dinner the first night at my parents RV
Cassie getting changed and looking cute  :)

Amazing breakfast at the Wild Boar Inn

Cassie & Pepa
Cassie & Miles playing at the end of the ride

Photo of the trail