Snow Shoeing at Denny Creek

We went snow shoeing with a few friends at Denny Creek. There was SO much snow! We did get stuck a time or two on the roads and had to get "pushed" out by a truck. It was quite funny ... thank goodness for an older car. :)

Marc getting ready to brave the hill on the sled ...

Marc at the bottom of the hill ... the only thing that stopped the crazy boys who went down face first was their face hitting the snow bank. The girls were much smarter. Gliding gently down on our bottoms ... :)

Mel on her way down.

A beautiful ice waterfall that we hiked to. You'll see below that people were ice climbing up it. It was amazing!

Kyle and Emily ... Marc and Kyle have a mutual friend in OC, so they used to hang out in high school, but haven't seen each other since. Kyle and his girlfriend moved to Seattle a few months ago and we ran into them at the airport on our way home from Christmas. They were brave enough to join us on one of our adventures (and I think they had fun too!).